TimbrCORE - Laminate

TimbrCORE - Laminate


    Waterproof flooring with a high performance, scratch resistant finish. Fade and stain protection for years of enduring beauty. Perfect for any room in the your busy household. Great for kids and pets, it's performance you can count on.

    Sequoia Collection

    The Sequoia Collection is digitally printed, embossed-in-register floor with a proprietary wire-brushed feel and a wear rating of AC6.

    Salzburg Collection

    The Salzburg Collection is an embossed-in-register, 12mm thick flooring with a wear rating of AC5. 

    Alpine Collection

    The Alpine Collection is a Timbr embossed, 12mm thick flooring that is made in the United States and comes with an attached pad.

    LP-82 Collection

    Affordable luxury made in the United States. The LP-82 Collection is a Timbr embossed flooring that comes with an attached pad.

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